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This has been bugging me lately – I’m walking along in the crowds of Central London, trying to get from A to B. I’m always late. I walk as quickly as I can. And then someone cuts me up – you know, just like they are in a car, they just walk right in front of me. They overtake until they’re ahead and then they slow down so I can’t get by! Or they’re crossing the road and walking towards me – do they slow down, do they give way?

Useful gadget for Londoners: a pedestrian hooter – maybe in the form of a blue kazoo….

one hoot = I was here first!

2 hoots = Move over!

3 hoots = Beware, you’re in my line of fire!

4 hoots = Are you deaf?

Useful risposte if you forget your kazoo – “I don’t give a hoot!”


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