Archive for September 23rd, 2009

Having just moved wordplay from London to Trieste, I thought it was time to give the site a new look and make it as clear as possible what wordplay is all about. 

So take a look around..if you look to the sidebar on the right ‘What’s on this site’, you’ll see all the static ‘pages’ that give details of courses – the same pages can be found as kind of index card headers at the top of this page. The ‘Home’ page will pop up with my latest blog entry. I’m going to be flagging up wordplay writing events specifically – and enthusing more generally about writing events I think will be of interest to you. I’m also going to write pieces about the ‘elements of fiction’, the nature of writing, my thoughts on the teaching process, etc. I’m hoping you’ll want to contribute to the site – write comments, get discussions going. I’ll be describing my courses and workshops as I go along, so if you’re signed up for any, you might very well want to check out what’s been said…


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