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Preparing for my class this evening I came across the poem  Fragments for the End of the Year by Jennifer K Sweeney.

I’ve written my own response ( a work in progress but posted all the same). 

Fragments for the beginning of the year

Though I have changed countries

and accents to get here,

and been through my items one by one,

I have left little behind:

my suitcases are so full the zips are bent,

the buckles are popping at the strap.

The shelves meant to be

left bare for tasteful objects,

are lined with the same books,

the same bills –

And still there are repairs,

bricks to be lain,

friends to ease into like slippers till they fit.

 *    *    *

The garden is bare and frosted now

though I can see a spring

when there will be herbs,

and stalks twisted around twigs, 

and soggy paper aeroplanes.

I watch the children building

their memories on purpose.

*   *   *

I still can’t kick my habit of longing,

though really there is not much that I want,

only sometimes to stop the blackness that might come,

unexpectedly, like an earthquake in Haiti

with its own tree houses, and memories,

not built by anyone, and not on purpose,

but there, indelible, all the same.


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