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Have decided to start recording in a new category “Learning Italian” – the words and phrases that I overhear or read that I especially like, or didn’t know before. This should be a very good way for me to improve my spoken and written Italian. It also gives me a very valid reason for buying “La Repubblica” every day and sitting outside Caffe Vatta highlighting interesting phrases when I should be at home cleaning toilets.¬†

Today, cycling home from my successful trip to the fishmonger’s, I met an elderly neighbour and his grandchild out in the woods, passing the time. He has been very disappointed with us since his two grand children often come to visit and he was hoping they could play with our kids – but, “your kids are at school until 4” (outraged – most Italian children go to school till 1.30). “Yes”, I agree, “and then we’re not usually home until 5” (after swinging on the monkey bars, or buying a gelato…).

“Ah”, he says, discouraged, “Non si combaccino i tempi”. (I guess that’s how it’s spelt, and I guess it means, “the times just don’t match up”, or as I like to think of it literally – possibly – “the times just don’t kiss each other”.

Even if that’s not the right translation, I like it.

I’ll do some surfing now to see if I can get the lowdown. Might get back to you on this…

[2 mins later] Okay, just googled combacciono to discover the word is ¬†combaccino – which I’ve now changed in this post, obviously (but I want you to know I’m not perfect), anyway, here’s a good example of it in use:

Due persone dello stesso sesso non hanno gli attributi che combaccino con cio’ ke e’ la loro natura?

which translates (very) roughly as – “Is it true that two people of the same sex don’t physically complement each other ?”¬†

Pretty lame discussion that one, but – you get the idea.


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