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Spring is in the air. Makes me want to be outside all day. But it’s still freezing. I’m sitting here huddled in a shawl with the sun shining outside. Don’t have to pick up the kids today and my automatic pilot has gone hay wire (hey, wire!) Come 3 o’clock I start to unravel…

I’m organising a short story slam at my local pub The Rocket. You have to read/ perform a story that’s no longer than 4 minutes long. Have spent days trying to work out a theme. They had suggestive ones like ‘Revenge’ and ‘Reunion’ at the Small Wonder Short Story Festival (cudos -I came second last year. Yay!). The one I’ve stuck with is ‘Farewell’ since it’s a kind of leaving do really – the end of Wordplay as we know it. We move to Trieste this summer.


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